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Making your social media management a piece of Making social media management a piece of cake

  1. Create posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest in almost all formats.

    See the planned budget, keep content topic balanced with labels, add logos & much more.

    Kontentino kickoff create Content in almost all formats
    Create pictures, videos, link posts, carousels, GIFs and even IG stories or IGTV.
    Picture enhancements & branding
    Add logos or branded frames to your images without having to bother your graphic designer.
    Small delights you will just love!
    Create hashtag presets, tag pages, insert emojis, set audience restrictions and enjoy tailored interface for post translations.
    Budget planner
    Plan the budget for each post in advance. See a total of the planned budget in calendar view and never exceed it.
    Labels for content balance
    Labeling your posts with customized tags gives you a nice percentage overview of what type of content is being planned on your social media pages.
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  2. Have a transparent overview of your post creation processes and tasks management with Workflow view. See all that matters at the first glimpse!

    Organize your content, people, visual assets in a dedicated place for each client/project & much more.

    Kontentino kickoff create Transparent overview of your post creation processes
    See from the first glimpse which posts are waiting for approval, which are planned for today, assigned to you, who's working on what & more.
    Drag & Drop planning
    Change the statuses of your posts simply by drag-and-dropping them to the specific column of your workflow process.
    Customisable view
    Customise your Workflow view based on your individual collaboration processes.
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  3. Forget tons of emails, forget useless meetings!

    Have all communication right next to the live post preview; tag your colleagues/clients, send posts for internal / client approval and assign tasks with few clicks.

    Kontentino kickoff create Live post preview
    See exactly how your posts are going to look like when published for both desktop and mobile view.
    Task assignment
    Collaborate on social media content creation by assigning tasks to your team members.
    Easy approvals
    Send your post for client or internal approval with just a few clicks.
    Team / client communication
    Have all communication right next to the post preview in different sections for team and client. Tag others, add media and see post's activity.
    Post checklists
    Make your life easier with our post checklist and you will never forget to add a logo to an image, UTM tags or anything from your brand guidelines.
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  4. You and your clients can approve posts from anywhere!

    Comment or approve posts in Kontentino calendar or mobile app with just one click.

    Kontentino kickoff create Use Kontentino mobile app to approve posts on the go. Did your client approve the post? Schedule it from your smartphone straightaway! You and your clients can approve or reject posts with just one click. I want to try it now
  5. Turn your drafts into posts, reschedule or copy content easily in our Drag & Drop calendar.

    See your planned content in different views, save time on operational tasks with bulk actions & much more.

    Kontentino kickoff create Post ideas
    Create post ideas or dateless/recurring posts that you can just drag & drop to calendar for scheduling.
    Drag & Drop calendar
    Use drag & drop to move, copy or reschedule posts.
    Multiple views
    See your planned content in different views such as Spreadsheet or Grid view.
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  6. Prepare a report for your clients in a few clicks.

    Get valuable insights about posts, campaigns or page performance, monitor your competitors' performance & much more.

    Kontentino kickoff create Monitor your page performance over time based on reach, engagement rate, likes & unlikes. Monitor your competitors' page and posts' performance. Create customisable reports for your clients or managers by combining different metrics and graphs from any profile. Order your posts from the best performing to the worst performing ones based on the metric you select. Quickly export reports to simple or advanced PDF or SVG files. I want to try it now
  7. Have one place where all your teams can meet to create, plan, collaborate, approve and export Facebook and Instagram ads hassle-free.

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  8. Handle your community, enjoy real-time collaboration and exceed users' expectations.

    Filter, add notes, assign tasks & much more.

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The easiest way to manage social media channels


It was chaos with a lot of misunderstandings

Managing social media content before Kontentino

With Kontentino

Social media management is transparent and clean

Transparent and easy social media management with Kontentino

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What our users say

I’m really grateful that your team is so responsive to customer requests. I get the feeling that you’re committed to meeting customer needs and that makes all the difference.

Tanya Graw, Co-Founder at narrativio GmbH

Kontentino have 5-stars rated customer support

As an online marketing agency, it is very important to be able to coordinate the content flow with our clients. By always being available for questions and providing a good tool, Kontentino helps us with this.

Jordi Nieling, Adviser Community Marketing, .comuniteers

Kontentino have 5-stars rated customer support

Kontentino searches for the right solution with you. If they don't have one available, they make it for you personally. They have an amazing customer service that is REALLY eager to help you.

Anouk Nulens, Digital Project Manager, Snackbytes

Kontentino have 5-stars rated customer support

Social media management tool that will make your life easier

Clean drag & drop
social media content calendar

Have all your social media content perfectly organized and scheduled in the most human-friendly social media calendar app. Duplicate posts or ads across all social media platforms easily with Drag & Drop feature, plan budget or filter posts by content topic labels.

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Seamless team collaboration
and social media content approval

  • Team task assignment

    Assign a task to your graphic designer, copywriter, or any other team member and work together in one intuitive social media management tool tailored for collaboration.

  • Internal approval

    Send social media content for approval to supervisors, art directors or any other gatekeeper in your team.

  • Client approval

    Send social media posts for approval to your clients and build agency-client relationship based on trust.

  • Publish

    Schedule and publish posts in almost all the formats available. Facebook or LinkedIn videos, carousels or even custom Facebook link previews.

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Intuitive client approvals

Provide your clients with an intuitive solution for social media content approval. Your clients can give feedback and approve all social media post formats you create and plan for them. They can do it easily from the mobile or the desktop app.

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Insights & Reporting

Analytics and reporting are crucial parts of a social media management tool. See your benchmarks, KPIs and understand social media data in context. Moreover, create coherent social media reports easily with one click.

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Finally - an intuitive social media approval tool,
a simple way to approve a month-worth of Facebook content.
Kontentino helps you manage social media with ease and send
everything for clients' approval in a couple of clicks.
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